STEAM learning aims to empower future generations through science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to build a dynamic and innovative world. Geomag Education offers a range of products that naturally allow pupils to explore and connect up these subjects. Our projects are not just for the classroom, but lend themselves to home-schooling, after-schools and group activities in general. We provide extra tools for teachers, educators, parents and students alike to create a fun and stimulating learning environment…

A compass is a tool that enables you to physically see the otherwise invisible magnetic fields.
Understand how to increase and decrease the push and pull magnetic forces and to put these to good use.

Concepts of stress and tension come to life as you build your own bridge model.
Explore the effect of triangulation on structures.

Construct and deconstruct each episode of the fairy tale before inventing your own story.
Think and build in all directions to develop spatial awareness. Live, feel and recreate the emotions of the characters.

Explore the use of ball-bearings to create low-friction movement.
Combine rotational movement with push and pull magnetic forces.

Recognise symbols and numbers in a playful environment.
Enjoy a hands-on, creative approach to maths as you build a 3D network of interlocking sums.

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