Jack and the Beanstalk


The Story Building sets contain a rich assortment of clips for the pupils to build the story with and a booklet with the story and a selection of illustrated scenes, as examples of how to enjoy building with the cubes and clips, as well as suggested questions to ask the pupils.

Available in the following languages:

Teaching Suggestions

Construct and deconstruct each episode

Tell the story individually, in small groups or all together

Discuss the characters’ emotions

Enrich your vocabulary with a wide variety of adjectives and adverbs

Time for role-playing

Build your own story

Enjoy free building with the Magicubes

Lessons and Experiences

Make a Pyramid

Make a Pyramid

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We have an added bonus for our Geomag Education Shape & Space sets, the Geomag Education App. This app begins by giving some hot tips on how to build with the magnetic rods, spheres and panels before exploring different geometry topics such as 2- and 3-D shapes,...

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A message from “Psicosol” in Spain

A message from “Psicosol” in Spain

Como padres, conocemos los productos GEOMAG desde hace años. Son unos juguetes estupendos que fomentan la creatividad, la imaginación y la motricidad. Nuestros hijos tienen varios sets y siempre los han disfrutado muchos.

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Extension sets

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