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Our Prime Element and Source: Magnetism

Geomag Education is unique thanks to the fundamental property of our products: magnetism. Our magnetic rods make building easy and fun and ensure that every aspect of the learning process is accessible to students of all ages the world over. Magnetism is key to our philosophy of “play and learn” because, not only does it help make constructing fun, but it introduces students at an early age to the fascinating world of physics and gives them an important insight into its technological, engineering and mechanical applications.

Hands-on for a Head Start

With our practical teaching sets, students learn by doing and constructing. By first creating, exploring and reflecting on concrete models and structures, students begin to intuitively understand abstract ideas. Once again, magnetism is fundamental in this process: it is invisible yet very tangible and it effortlessly assists the learning of abstract concepts through both deductive and inductive reasoning processes.

Our Approach to Learning

Geomag Education sets encourage a systematic approach that embraces active and collaborative learning. Progressively challenging tasks are carried out in groups and roles are split between various team members. Even though roles are divided, they are easily interchangeable. Working as a unit enhances problem-solving skills, builds communication knowhow, promotes self-esteem and encourages a child’s overall learning development.

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We have an added bonus for our Geomag Education Shape & Space sets, the Geomag...

ice cream cone


HAVE FUN BUILDING ICE CREAM CONES WITH GEOMAG IN THE CLASSROOM Move 3 rods and remove 1 sphere to reduce the size of the big ice cream cone by half and create 2 smaller cones at the same time...

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