MAGICUBE Free Building


Free Building 64

This Magicube set of single colour cubes contains 4 different colours.Young children begin developing their fine motor skills as they attach the cubes. 3D construction gives them greater spatial awareness and the colours stimulate creative play. Perfect for use in all child-care facilities.

Free Building 1-99

This Magicube set is made up of 64 white-edged multicolour cubes. Everyone will enjoy the magic of these magnetic cubes, which attach to each other with ease to ensure stimulating and imaginative play. Easy and fun building guarantees reward and results.

Teaching Topics

Develop visual and manual skills

Play and learn at the same time

Experience the magic of magnetism

Ensure reward and result through easy and fun building

Create a stimulating and productive experience through imaginative play

Raise children’s self-esteem

Ensure no one is left out or left behind

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