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Geomagworld SA has always been very aware of the enormous potential of its products and so has decided to weave these resources into an exciting new project. The company has put together a dynamic international team to head up the Geomag Education project, who all feel passionately about how pupils learn and how they are taught.

The team has developed a series of education sets for classroom use, which so far have been tested in Great Britain, Switzerland and Italy, in local as well as international schools. The enthusiasm and endorsements that we have received have fuelled our purpose and ambition to deliver a truly top quality, fun and usable product to schools all over the world.

STEM Learning

Geomag Education sets introduce an interdisciplinary approach to learning where students apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in contexts that reflect real-life experiences and applications. Our sets enable students to explore shapes, space and color as they reproduce two and three-dimensional geometric shapes. They learn how to make a simple compass before moving on to more complex challenges. By first understanding the basic concept of magnetic polarities, students then tailor the polarities to create controlled magnetic interactions and drive motion before progressively tackling more challenging tasks such as building and reinforcing a bridge span.

Swiss Quality

Geomagworld SA manufacturing complies with the most rigorous European and International safety standards, traditionally found in Swiss products.
We follow each production phase step by step at our facility in Novazzano, Switzerland. Our magnetic rods, spheres and accessories are exceptionally high quality, thanks to the high standards we apply when selecting materials.
Geomag ensures our products are made safe for children aged 3+.

Declaration of conformity and product test.

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